Just as you are discriminating with your choice of business partners, Old Willow Partners is discriminating in selecting appropriate transactions. And so we are where you are—wanting to work only with the best.

The ideal Old Willow Partners acquisition:
• Is a privately held, sometimes family-owned, business promising three or more years of stable cash flow.
• Generates revenues of $2 – $20 million annually.
• Needs no extraordinary capital expenditures to sustain current cash flow.
• Has predictable earnings rather than growth.
• Maintains EBITDA or owns assets that can support debt financing.
• Has achieved meaningful market share or a defensible market position.
• Boasts a stable customer base.

Old Willow Partners focuses its investment efforts in:
• Consumer Products and Services
• Manufacturing
• Distribution/Wholesale
• Retail: Niche

While we mainly concentrate our search for opportunities in the Midwest, we're also willing to explore potential acquisitions throughout the United States.